Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is social networking over exposing me?

Ok so I'm on facebook, twitter, friendfeed and a few other places I can quite remember right now. All my social networking sites are linked, so if I write a comment on facebook is comes up on my twitter home page for example. The thing is facebook is more for friends to read my comments and see goofy pictures and play mafia wars right. I want to be more conservative and professional on twitter (only get 140 characters so...). On my blog I want to sound like someone will converse with me from time to time and not a total loser. But i have my twitter feed coming up on my blog too so anything commented on facebook also shows.

Am I being rightly paranoid that my peers or worse potential future employers will see this rubbish and think "uh huh knew that phone interview was too good look at his blog and twitter comments!!" I know that I'm just getting all Web 2.0'ed sort to speak but how long will it take the more straight laced corporate cookie types to catch up ? will they one day think, yeah that guy was ahead of his time or will they think I'm a hopeless case of sad?

Anyone have any thoughts around this? have you thought about putting yourself about on social networks for work or fun and getting caught out?

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