Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Web 2.0 and trying to bring it inhouse

There are so many blogs and people twittering on about Web 2.0 and how social networking is going to transform businesses. Can anyone seriously admit to the fact that most companies are still way behind on transparency and keep their employees in the dark most of the time. Knowledge is power after all so hord it, don't let anyone else in on it. Thats the mindset in businesses today, how will social networking change that anytime soon? Who is going to mandate the organization to blog or wiki their minds so that others can gleam the previously unknown?

Who wants to stand out and advocate web 2.0 principles to the company? isn't that like saying "yes, I'm here, fire me..."

Web 2.0 is what facebook like concepts? can we really have an internal facebook and expect to get away with saying what we want? I doubt it. It is the young though who twitter and blog and facebook, the youngsters will determine how deep the transformation will go in an enterprise right? But the olds are the ones holding the purse strings, they surely don't want to invest in web 2.0 like technology, thats like writing yourself out of a job right?

So how will any sort of Enterprise 2.0 initiative move forward?


  1. ok, now that you have asked big brother will give you a lesson.

    The reason that companies WILL take this web 2.0 seriously and implement it are manyfold. Firstly, it will allow people to share ideas just like they share stupid jokes.

    And also little bro, the idea is not to create a company facebook...duh, its to create a professional arean where you share your companies ideas and blogs and tasks and follow progress of project etc etc..

    i mean why would I login to find out about my boss having a nervous breakdown...duhh...

    So, allow me to continue grasshopper...the way people are eager to want information, ie whose doing what , where did they go, etc etc, is the same principle in bringing this into the workplace to enable the sharing of ideas and minds on another level....imagine, you sit for ages bored to death in meetings not taking anyof it in, wel, great, we'll post the meeting content in a wiki, send it to your profressional space and you see engage and delibirate at your leisure, not pressured to come up with questions , stupid questions straight away but able to think and place them in a more contructive manner, thus opening a dialogue between you and the subject author on a different level. This is more productive grasshopper, just like how we are conversing rather than picking that old god damn thingy, whats it called, cone, clone, no...nearly got it..oh yeh the phone!!!

    and yes we have implmented and we are taking it forward and yes we are also cloud computing experts......anything else..grasshopper...

  2. Lets hope people will share ideas like as you say share stupid jokes. Even in meetings people don't often talk up, some folks do like to think and write their contributions afterwards. So having a "collaboration space" is an excellent step and will hopefully allow more participation. But isn't this much more than just technology? being an active social networker doesn't necessarily translate into being active within the enterprise too. It's a sea change to expect people to adapt to social networking type of applications that we may push onto them as a means to collaborate and be more actively involved in the dialogue. Who will help ensure adoption? does this fall under the auspices of the HR department? If so, who will teach HR to change their mindsets and educate them to get with the web 2.0 times?

    Make no mistakes these changes will happen kicking and screaming we'll be dragged into the 21st century, but its going to be a painful ride.

    IS anyone out there going through this pain right now?